Tuesday, March 25, 2008

General Update

Time flies by again. Its been a busy year so far, allot of projects approaching deadlines at the office and I also worked allot on a 2D fluid dynamics tech demo. Development on Decade still continues, however currently at a slow pace.

In the past month I haven't had allot of time to complete 'Parallel Split Shadow Maps', so this is still in a limbo state. They sort of work however sometimes the scene is a mess and other times there are unknown artifacts.

While making the 2d fluid dynamics demo, with the PlayFirst SDK, I was impressed with their usage of LUA scripting. I have researched this topic a little and feel that I will add support for Game Monkey to Decade. As with the graphics and physics layers the script engine will also be extrapolated away so I can, at a later date, add support for another script engine.

I have also added joypad support to Decade to avoid always having to use the keyboard and mouse. DirectInput was used for this so this functionality will not be added to the Ubuntu version any time soon, or until I at least figure out how to do this in Linux.

I am delighted to announce that a friend has at last got on the game engine band wagon and started his own terrain engine called Jelly Engine. His ultimate goal is to generate a procedural universe. Please have a look at this blog and give him grief on how bad his engine is, even though it would be a lie.

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