Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Would you like to use Decade?

Over the past few months I have received a number of requests from people wishing to use Decade in their personal probjects and also a possible commercial venture (with alot more work to be completed on Decade before this is possible). If you would like to use Decade in any of your project or have any questions which wouldnt suffice asking in the comments section of this blog then please email me at


  1. Obligatory question: would you consider open sourcing it ?

  2. Open Source is a possibility in the future, however I do not feel it is the best plan for now. I feel that "Decade Engine" is lacking the maturity to be released open source. If I work with people in a closed environment I will be happy to start releasing code so they can understand and improve.

  3. I wouldn't worry about maturity unless you're thinking of going commercial in some way. If your goal is to just get people (other than your friends) playing with your engine and using it in their projects, then opening it up will improve your chances of attracting a crowd.

    I've been following your blog with some interest because I like to see how your engine is growing and what you're doing with it. I would definitely like to give it a spin and give some feedback, but I won't commit to anything more.