Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Terrain Editor - Version 2

Last week I received a request from a reader of DecadeBlog for access to the terrain editor. What little pride I have kicked in and in an effort to supply something a little more usable than Version 1 I set aside a little bit of time to add some features.

Version 2 is representitive of a more traditional editor, showing multiple views of the subject. 3 independent views of the terrain can be seen in the video below. Each view maintains its own render state. It is, for example, possible to show one view in wireframe, while the others remain solid or are shown in point form. There is also correct "Screen to World Projection" for each view.

Version 2 also contains some erosion filters. I noticed when editing that the old issue of terrain steps was occuring. By giving the ability to erode or filter the terrain any rough edges are smoothed out.

All application level in the above example is again scripted. On startup the DecadeEngine Sandbox calls the script init function and each frame the HandleInput, Update, Render3d and Render2d functions are called in the script. If anyone is interested in having the script please mail me or comment to this post. Its a little long and boring to publish here.

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