Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Multiple View Ports

To take a little break from terrain programming I decided to try something else last night. While watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix over the weekend it reminded me of playing racing games and being able to turn on or off the rear view. Having always wanted to implement this I decided that now was the time.

I was amazed at how easy it is in OpenGL to achieve multiple view ports. After 10 minutes of reading an online document I realised that I already had all the code from my OpenGL setup functions so only a little reorganisation was required.

Decade can now support 1 t0 X view ports (I haven't tested an upper limit) and each view port is independently controlled, updated and rendered. They can share scene data or use entirely separate data.

Uses for this within my plans for Decade are currently limited. It was implemented for my enjoyment rather than for a real need, however it should become useful for rear view when in a car, split screen multiple players etc..

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