Thursday, June 07, 2007

Decade .NET

For the past number of days I have been contemplating moving Decade to .NET. Programming the GUI Interface has raised this issue. I am currently spending allot of time programming a GUI System so that I can make Level Editors and a range of other tools for Decade.

Drawing and managing the controls myself was inspired by Unreal Tournament, however my results are nothing like this. I don't have the artwork or the time to match these results. In truth my rendered buttons do not look much different to those I created almost 10 years ago when making simple Mode13h Dos Games. In short, with this method I am spending allot of time with little gain and not really learning anything.

Another possibility would be to make the GUI in WIN32, therefore keep the engine as C++. This would save time in now requiring me to rewrite the engine, however I find GUI work in WIN32 to be hideous.

Although requiring the most work and the most time, I think that converting Decade to C# is the best course of action. With this I get to refresh my C#, learn some more .NET and have a nice and simple way to create good Gui's for my tools. To help me with this I have found The Tao Framework. This will help allot in using OpenGL with C#.

If anyone has any comments or ideas on this plan I would like to hear them.


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