Sunday, December 23, 2007


In an effort to use OpenGL to its full potential, and a feature that is unique to OpenGL over its main competitor DirectX, I have decided to create a non windows version of Decade. Over the weekend I downloaded Ubuntu which is a free community developed, linux-based operating system.

Instead of making my desktop dual boot, I decided to try and use Microsoft Virtual PC, which is also free to download. It was a very easy to create the virtual PC, virtual hardisk and install Ubuntu. I can now access my Ubuntu installation from within my windows environment getting the benefits of both systems.

It took a little effort to get networking enabled, my router requiring some setting changes however once this was complete it was again a simple process to connect over the local network and access the shared drives on my Windows PC. With this setup I hope to use the same source base for Win Decade and Ubuntu Decade.

My first job after leaving university was in a HPUX environment however being a number of years ago I have forgotten allot of the basics. This morning I created the obligatory "Hello World" C++ program, but am having problems building OpenGL and SDL projects.


  1. You should be using Redhat, Ubuntu sux.

  2. Linux does rock. My first job after University was entirely Linux/Unix based. That was in 2001 and 2002 so I've been a little out of practice since then.

    Why does Ubuntu suck? Why would I pay for Redhat when Ubuntu is free? If Redhat were free I would gladly create a Redhat Virtual Machine too.

  3. Fedora is redhats free desktop alternative.

    I do prefer ubuntu myself though.

  4. Use which ever of those two you are comfortable with, Ubuntu and Fedora are definitely the best operating systems around at the moment. Give them both a whirl.