Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Terrain with Texture and Detail Map

The issue with the Terrain Texture has been fixed, or at least bypassed for now. I have stopped using IPicture to load my textures and have written code to load the different file types. Currently TGA and BMP are supported. the jpeg lib file causes errors as it was built in VS 2003 and I am using 2005. This can be reviewed later.

As well as fixing the terrain texturing I have added detail mapping. This uses multi texturing to tile another "detail" texture over the terrain. I was quiet surprised to see what a huge difference such a simple technique could make to the realism of the terrain.

Terrain without Detail Map
Terrain with Detail Map


  1. Looking good Ciaran! Keep on the good work and it might take less than a decade to get a game produced.

  2. Wow Impressive, your working on this all by yourself?