Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Issues

Not a list of random issues, as the name suggests, but an issue with Random Number Generation. Both my procedural terrain generation techniques (Fault Formation and Midpoint Displacement) use pseudo random numbers. The other day when comparing Decade with Decade.NET it was quiet obvious that 2 very different terrains were built even though the same seed and procedural algorithms were used.

Creating 2 basic programs, 1 in C++ and another in C#, I generated 10 random numbers using the seed '12345'. The C++ program generated "7584-19164-25795-22125-5828-23405-27477-5413-29072-23404" while the C# program generated "143337951-150666398-1663795458-1097663221-1912597933-1776631026-356393799-1580828476-558810388-1086637143". I then limited the C# number generation to be between 0 and RAND_MAX (32767) as the C++ rand() function does, but the results were still incorrect with "2187-2298-25386-46748-26131-27108-5437-24120-8526-16580" being generated.

The easiest way to over come this has been to create a Managed C++ DLL with members to seed and create random numbers. This DLL is added as a reference to Decade.NET and it is used to get a random number rather than the Random object. Now both Decade and Decade.NET produce the same random numbers for a given seed any procedural work based on random numbers will match.

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